What are the eight categories of the Quick Byte?

I’ll make it short and sweet this time.

For the HEGM genre (horror, exploitation, grindhouse, midnight movie) here are the eight categories that I use. It’s just a quick snapshot of the film which gives you an idea of what to expect. I chose these categories for a fun approach and for the reason that fans of this genre like to see these things. I know I do. Hey, I’m honest!

A graphic with the eight categories will be placed at the end of a review and a check mark will be placed if the film or television show contains it. A summarizing statement will also be included.

Here is an example of how this works:  Disney’s “Snow White” would probably have no check marks because there is no nudity, no eroticism (well, not to me at least), no perversion (I’m not so sure…) and so on and so forth.

The eight columns of HEGM:

NUDITY – pretty self-explanatory. Topless, bottomless, front, back and every other conceivable combination.

EROTICISM – more vague, but in general it can run from a woman looking hot, to kinkiness, to complete on-screen sex. This is the sexual content that IS FUN to watch.

PERVERSION – even more vague and subjective. Basically anything out of the ordinary/comfortable sexual realm. In a nutshell, it is dehumanizing sexual content that IS NOT FUN to watch. You will usually have to read the long review for an explanation.

HUMOR – very self-explanatory. From puns to sight gags.

GORE – again, very self-explanatory. From a simple on-screen knife wound to cannibalism and dismemberment.

BLOOD – slightly vague but basically it can range from blood shown at a murder scene to off-screen-violence-but-on-screen-blood-splatter.

BADGOODNESS – very subjective column, but the most self-explanatory. Basically the movie is “bad” but yet you enjoy it so much that it is actually good and enjoyable, to you. This could be about the whole movie or just about certain parts.

SCARES – one of the most objective columns. Either they are there or not. Could range from a masked killer jumping out from behind a bush to a startling car accident to the revelation of information about a family member who appears sane but is really a danger to him/herself and society. Who hasn’t had experience with that last part?

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