VOW (07/23/2012): Behemoth – Ov Fire and the Void

This week’s music video is “Ov Fire and the Void” by Behemoth. The band is from my ancestral land, Poland, and I am actually drinking a can of piwo (beer) as I am writing this. Na zdrowie!(cheers!) However, it’s Canadian beer so I don’t know where the hell I am… in a global sense.

I know, everybody talks about Behemoth’s video for “Lucifer” – and that is a good video – but, I don’t think that it is their best song. Musically, I prefer “Ov Fire and the Void” because it’s a little heavier, a little faster, has some nice atmospheric synth layers, and it displays more of their death metal influences. I haven’t listened to the whole “Evangelion” album, but it seems that the band is going in more of a slower, black metal direction. There’s nothing wrong with that – they’re a great band – it’s just my personal taste. I’m just drawn to the energy of faster music, regardless of the genre.

The video for “Ov Fire and the Void” has the same type of high-quality visuals as “Lucifer”. Basically, the video is about a girl who commits suicide and succumbs to evil forces in the after life. It’s very dark, the visuals are stunning, and it fits perfectly with the music.

Before clicking on the link below, be forewarned that the video is unrated. It does contain some nudity and graphic imagery (it’s not that bad, I just wanted to let you know). Children, the elderly, the infirmed, religious extremists, unreasonable people, and even pets should avert their gaze!

Behemoth’s video for “Ov Fire and the Void”   

Your Friend,

Monroe Ficus

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