VOW (05/28/2012): Morbid Angel – Existo Vulgore

This week, I’m celebrating Morbid Angel’s video for the song “Existo Vulgore”, off of their 2011 album “Illud Divinum Insanus”. The video is done in the style of silent films and it’s a perfect fit for the music. Yes, I will say it again. Heavy music (at least Morbid Angel’s music) is a darn good pairing with the visuals of creepy, old silent films.

This video has a faded black-and-white appearance that simulates film age and wear, there are dialogue cards between some shots, and vocalist/bassist David Vincent is dressed up as the boo-and-hiss-worthy villain. The only thing missing is the train bearing down upon the damsel in distress. On second thought the rapid drumming, rhythm guitars, bass, and growling vocals ARE that menacing locomotive. Very cool. Hit the link below to watch it.

Morbid Angel “Existo Vulogre” Video   

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